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Merty and Kevvy talk about the convention

It's recess and two horrid little boys, Merty and Kevvy are taking about the convention.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chris Brown In Trouble Again--Selling Pit Bulls On-line

Is Chris Brown Illegally Selling Pit Bulls? Watch Carole Raphaelle Davis, West Coast Director of The Companion Animal Protection Society on CNN with Jane Velez-Mitchell talking about Chris Brown and his selling of pit bulls on-line. Is Chris Brown breaking the law once again? The Companion Animal Protection Society would like to know. Is he breeding dogs without a breeder's license? Why are his personal dogs, who live at his mother's house in Virginia, not sterilized as they should be? Is Chris Brown's mother a backyard breeder? Are they subject to a breeder's inspection program? If so, where is their license and where is a copy of their last inspection report?
<> Carole Raphaelle Davis of CAPS Decries Pit Bull Breeding by Pop Star Chris Brown <> Chris Brown's publicist claims "this is not a business venture." If it is not a business, then why is his mother selling the eight puppies for $1000 each? Does Brown's mother really need another $8000? Are they not paying taxes on this money? The IRS and the Board of Equalization will want to know. There are strict laws about dog breeding in the state of Virginia (see here ) that Mr. Brown might want to look at before the authorities come looking for him. Chris Brown has once again shown us how thoughtless his actions are. Our nation's shelter system is experiencing a deadly pet overpopulation crisis and it is unconscionable to breed, sell or buy dogs while over five million companion animals are killed at the pound every year. And Pit bulls are plentiful in the shelters. Once they enter the shelter system, they only have hours to live unless someone steps up to adopt them. I did an Internet search today and found over nineteen thousand pits in danger of being killed for lack of adopters.
Grow up, Chris Brown and act like a responsible human being. We do not need more pit bulls right now. There is a glut of them being killed as I write this. Sterilize your dogs like you are supposed to and stop making money off your dogs' backs. Stick to making money from your music and stop exploiting animals. For those of you who might be tempted to buy Brown's dogs, take that $1000 and give it to a family in need. Then go to your local shelter and save a dog's life. You'll feel good about yourself. Posted by Jinky at 8:36 AM ShareThisShareThis Labels: caps, carole raphaelle davis, cbbreeds, chris brown, companion animal protection society, pit bulls, puppies, team breezy. #teambreezy,


Friday, February 17, 2012

Westminster Dog Show -- They Lie While Dogs Die

By Carole Raphaelle Davis

Not everyone jumped for joy on Valentine’s Day when Malachy, the Pekingese, was named Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show. Real dog lovers raged. Why? Because a Peke won a beauty contest and consequently tens of thousands of Pekes will suffer a horrible fate. Because it means rough years ahead for Pekinese breeding dogs who are abused in puppy mills and backyard breeding operations. Because thousands of Pekinese will be dumped at the pound when the novelty wears off. The Westminster Dog Show and its parent, the American Kennel Club, the most established of the breed registries, has blood on its hands.

I wasn’t always this angry about dog shows. As a teenager I was a total dog geek. I would run every year to Madison Square Garden, the dog lover’s Mecca, to buy the three-day, all-access pass to The Westminster Dog Show. Since then, during twenty plus years in the animal protection movement, I have learned the truth. The Westminster Dog Show is a sham. Behind the flashing lights and the trophies are the American Kennel Club’s dirty little secrets:

1. Annually, the AKC, a “non-profit” animal enterprise, profits over 40 million tax-exempt dollars promoting the business of dealing dogs; many of them inbred with genetic malformations that are painful for the dogs and expensive for the owners. See the BBC’s special, Pedigree Dogs Exposed

2. They routinely register puppies from inhumane dog factories (puppy mills).

3. AKC reps are a constant presence at dog auctions, making deals not to promote the wellbeing of dogs, but to ensure registration fees from unscrupulous breeders. At these auctions, commercial breeders buy and sell breeding dogs,  their “product,” for as low as a dollar. The “product,” which should be a family pet in a loving home is instead sold to live out her sad life reproducing in a cage.

4. The AKC denies and covers up its responsibility for contributing to the millions of  dogs housed in our nation’s shelter system at our expense until they are tragically killed.

5. The AKC spends millions of dollars fighting animal protection legislation in every state in order to continue to profit from the dog dealing business.

And here are the dots it took me twenty years to connect: The Best-In-Show trophy awarded every year at the Westminster Dog Show fuels intense desire for purebred dogs. It promulgates the purebred fetish—the elitist idea that some dogs are better than others because of absurd criteria like the length of their hocks, the shortness of their snout, the texture of their fur or the protrusion of their eyeballs.  Many of the genetic traits that garner prizes at dog shows are congenital malformations that cause suffering to dogs and can eventually kill them. And by the way, none of those standards are the qualities that make us love our dogs and that make our dogs love us.

This year, because of the Westminster Dog Show, millions of people will covet the latest fashion accessory, a Pekinese dog, and commercial breeders will happily cash in on the bonanza. Pet stores will order them by the truck-load from brokers, who will buy them in bulk from commercial breeders. The word on the puppy pipe line will be: “Churn out those Pekinese puppies, they’re selling like hotcakes!”

You can order your Peke on-line at All you need is a credit card and your Peke will come in the mail in twenty-four hours, just like a pair of shoes—if he survives the trip; many don’t. And when Peke fashion passes its peak, you can unload your used Peke at any shelter, where unless a socially conscious person shows up to adopts him, he will be killed.

While dogs are bought on a whim by selfish people who want what they want when they want it, over five million companion animals are killed in our nation’s shelter system for lack of adopters. It’s a national scandal that we are paying over $2.5 billion a year to house and kill these innocent animals. Twenty-five percent of those dogs are purebred dogs.

The Westminster Dog Show is a televised convention to promote the multi-billion dollar business of dealing purebred dogs. Behind the scenes is a sinister web of handshakes and deal-making with the long term plan of fighting any legislative measures the animal protection movement attempts to pass. Any talk of regulation that hinders the bottom line of commercial breeders in order to alleviate the suffering of breeding dogs is met with fierce opposition and deep pockets.

The commercial breeders and the clubs that enable them, like the AKC,  are stubborn in their insistence that animal rights activists back off . The breeders stick together, lobby Washington and take out ads in national newspapers to portray the animal protection activists as “fringe,” “extremist,”  “anti-business” and “fanatics.”

The animal protection movement is not going to back off. We will continue to expose the truth about the dog dealing industry and the shows that promote them. The Westminster Dog Show and the American Kennel Club need to come clean about their shameless disregard for the welfare of dogs. Instead, they congratulate themselves with trophies while we go broke cleaning up their mess, rescuing broken dogs, nursing them back to health, soothing their fear and finding them loving homes.

While the Westminster Dog Show winners celebrate, we cry over our dead—the millions and millions of dead dogs, our supposed best friends.

Carole Raphaelle Davis is the author of "The Diary of Jinky, Dog of a Hollywood Wife" and the West Coast Director of The Companion Animal Protection Society

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa Hates the 99%

Uh, just wondering, with all this holiday "cheer" going on, why Santa doesn't go to favellas in Brazil and kinda steers clear of Uganda and Ivory Coast and sort of avoids kids in Eritrea, Darfur and Somalia. 

I don't know, am I crazy? All this celebrating Jesus doesn't seem to bring reindeer to kids who might like to see them or any kind of presents, not even a glass of clean water. There was a sighting of a Santa in Zimbabwe but Mugabe thugs had him beaten up along with the reindeer. Rudolf got a red nose---a bloody one, and the rest were poached by American members of Safari Club International.

I think if Santa, or worse, Mrs Santa, tried to come down a chimney in Cairo, she might get stomped on and raped. If the little green elves decided to sashay into Saana, they might be executed for seeming gay. Hmm...come to think of it, elves better stay clear of Lagos too, with the new legislation that makes boys in green tights subject to a firing squad.

Christmas is just a really weird human holiday to me. Being a former death row dog gives me a different yuletide perspective. MILLIONS of dogs are locked up in puppy mills right now while their pups are loaded onto trucks for the long trip to a creepy dog dealer in a mall. 
Deck the trucks with pups and holly, Fa la la la la, la la la la. 
Puppy Mills are not so jolly. Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Millions of other dogs and cats are going to be killed at the pound because people won't come to adopt them in time for Christmas. And I don't even want to count all the ducks and pigs who are getting the worst Xmas of all--- getting carved up and served on a plate. Ew. 

It turns out that even people who seem to have everything are lonely enough to kill themselves on Christmas more than any other day. 

I sure wish everyone would do something nice for somebody this  Christmas and not depend on that fat elitist bastard who is posing as some kind of philanthropist in a red suit. Santa. What a phony. 


Sunday, December 04, 2011

I'm Dreaming of an Ethical Christmas

     Purebred puppy mill dog in Hermès Kelly Bag = $12,000

    Death row Mutt in Vegan plastic knock-off = PRICELESS

 Hi, I'm Jinky, a dog who was rescued from death row in a Los Angeles shelter so around this time of year, I'm dreaming of an ethical Christmas. 

If you want a dog or a cat or any kind of pet this holiday season, get into the real spirit of Christmas by GIVING a second chance to a homeless animal.

When you buy a dog from a pet store or Internet seller, you are only enriching animal abusers. Those dogs come from factories, or, as they are often called, puppy mills, where the parent dogs are living out their sad lives in a cage. The puppy you see on the Internet or in the pet store is the product of an incredibly cruel business---where pups are manufactured like machine parts with no regard to their well-being. The parent dogs are exposed to freezing temperatures and get no socialization. 

Don't be fooled: Just because a commercial breeder has a USDA license or breed registry "papers" doesn't mean the breeding facility is humane. If a pup is sold over the Internet or in a pet store, he is from a puppy mill and puppy mills are legal just like chicken factories are legal. To the United States Department of Agriculture, dogs are just an agricultural product. 

I think dogs deserve better. After all, we are man's best friend!

There are lots of really great dogs at the pound! It's hard to believe that all those homeless dogs and cats aren't going to have a family for Christmas unless somebody comes and adopts them. So this holiday season, go to your local rescue organization or shelter and rescue a homeless animal. Get into the holiday spirit and take the $1000 you would have spent on a dog and give it to a family in need so they can have a nice Christmas. 

Hey, if you'ld like a great, inexpensive stocking stuffer that promotes adoption and makes you laugh, I wrote a funny book and I give 100% of the profits to dogs in need.

 Click here to order my book, "The Diary of Jinky, Dog of a Hollywood Wife " from Amazon. 

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Heart Puppies in Corona del Mar Caught Breaking the Law

City Issues Stop Work Order on 'I Heart Puppies' Store in Corona del Mar

A sign on the window of I Heart Puppies says the store will be closed through Thursday in order to install a new fire alarm.
&nbps;11 Comments

I Heart Puppies in Corona del Mar has been in hot water this month with many animal lovers and on Tuesday was required by the city to temporarily close its doors. 
Problems for the pet store began on July 5, just a few days after it opened, when the Companion Animal Protection Society—a national nonprofit, investigative group—launched a probe into the store after receiving numerous complaints from residents. Carole Davis, the organizations's West Coast director, said the investigation has led to information that showed I Heart Puppies did not have proper permits to have a pet store with live animals and resulted in the store's temporary closure.
"I went into the store last week and did an inspection," Davis said. "I noticed there was no sprinkler system or any kind of alarm that would hook up directly to the Fire Department in case of an emergency.
"We alerted building and safety, the Fire Department and City Council in Newport Beach that they were in violation of state law," Davis said.
Councilwoman Nancy Gardner said she was aware of the order being issued by the city due to building safety violations.
"Yes, it is my understanding that as soon as the store owners were notified of the requirement, they proceeded to rectify it," Gardner said.
How it started
The investigation does not claim I Heart Puppies has abused animals, but implies that the problem is they are being supplied by substandard commercial breeders in the Midwest that have repeat and multiple violations from USDA inspections violating the Animal Welfare Act. 
Suzanne Bradford, owner of I Heart Puppies, did not return phone calls or emails seeking comment Tuesday, but last week she refuted the claims of the animal group and said she does not support illegal kennels or those with a history of problems meeting USDA requirements. Instead Bradford claims I Heart Puppies gets its animals from Critters and Pets in San Diego.
"We cannot find any USDA license for the broker they say they use. In fact, we can't find them at all," Davis said. "The 36 San Diego area USDA brokers all have R licenses, meaning they broker dogs to be used for research experiments. That's creepy."
According to Davis, the breeder that supplied the Corona del Mar store is the same breeder that was investigated in a two-year national probe. The breeder is not in compliance with the Animal Welfare Act and is part of the reason for an ordinance being drafted in Los Angeles that would ban puppy mill puppies citywide. Additionally, that investigation led to an ordinance being passed in West Hollywood that states that stores can sell only dogs and cats that come from a local municipal shelter system or a legitimate rescue organization.
Davis said she would provide the City Council with a full investigative report


Jennifer Charnofsky

When puppy mill dogs are sold in pet stores, then puppy mills continue to exist. They inflict extreme cruelty on their dogs, all in the name of profit. And thousands of dogs in shelters continue to be killed. If this store "went humane", that is, held adoptions of rescue and shelter dogs, they would be part of the solution.


I am so glad that Ms. Davis is investigating this slimy business. It's one thing to be ignorant, but to be provided with info that your puppies are coming from cruel conditions and then defend your practices.... I cannot fathom how these people sleep at night. I think it is fantastic that the store is closed down until it becomes up to code, but I would be happier if it shut down for good or adopted a humane model.

carole davis

To clarify:
1. The L.A. investigation of pet stores and mills that supply them included an "I Heart Puppies" breeder. That breeder sells dogs to many pet stores in CA. We had already investigated this breeder and visited her factory 3 x. She is the breeder who shot a Golden Retriever in the head. THAT investigation and its findings were given to WEHO City Council, LA City Council and Glendale council in order to assist them for their anti-puppy mill ordinances (WEHO passed and L.A. & Glendale are in process of drafting the legislation).
2. The Broker that I Heart Puppies claims to use is unknown. Ms. Bradford told me that the broker only uses 2 pet stores and NO broker uses 2 pet stores. That's impossible. He'd make more $ babysitting. She told me the broker is in San Diego. The 36 USDA license holders in the SD area are all R licenses. These are research facilities! So if she is dealing with that kind of facility, then that is just heinous.
3. RE an anti-puppy mill ordinance for NB: We are not so presumptuous as to tell local CDM and NB law-makers how to run their beautiful city. All we do is provide them with the investigative findings and recommendations for a more humane city regarding companion animals. We were responding to requests from residents to look into CDM because they know of our work in L.A., Chicago and NY. CDM and NB residents are very aware of puppy mills and it is up to them to discuss this with their city officials.
C. Davis, CAPS

Carole Sax

As I type this, breeding dogs in the kennels that are USDA inspected are dying in the midwest heat. I visited this store and the breeders are all mass breeding facilities, yes USDA, legal blah blah. Their answer to every question, one being "do you think it's O.K. for dogs to live in a cage their whole lives" was it's USDA inspected. USDA is minimal standard care, now the question is "CDM do you have compassion?" They are selling a chihuahua, go to the O.C. shelter and see the hundreds of chihuahuas needing to be rescued, yes they will be killed. Why don't these women rescue them and sell these dogs and give them a chance? The answer being they buy puppies for $200-250 and sell for $1500, dogs at the shelters are $85, fixed/shots and you save a life. If you buy a puppy from these heartless women you are a dummy! FYI every breed as a rescue. Local Breeders are puppy mills too, my survivor was rescued from a 400 dog facility in Lancaster, CA, yorkies had rope stiches hanging from their belly, no difference. Please don't support this cruelty. Why do they have to sell animals, why don't they sell cute supplies and sponsor a rescue group? BECAUSE THEY ARE GREEDY!

Don Scott

Get those puppies a loving home, then shut down this retail end of the killing assembly line. I am shocked and appalled that CDM would even permit such a business, yet this is what happens when towns get desperate for revenue. People just sign off on things without proper due diligence...even if the moral compass couldn't vote it down all on its own. Shutting a place like this down is so important to overthrowing those puppy milling factories and protect the suffering animals supplying these stores, overloading society, and creating a tax burden for citizens. Who's addressing this? Who's thinking of shelter animals and those on death row?

Carole Sax

check out the 3rd photo, it's the breeder in Nebraska that they use.

Norma Sandler

Get a pound pup and save a life.
LYLY - ID#A0658773
My name is Lyly and I am an unaltered female, white Poodle - Toy mix.
The shelter thinks I am about 8 years old.
I weigh approximately 17 pounds. Owner Surrendered
I have been at the shelter since Jul 14, 2011.
LOUIE - ID#A1042762
My name is LOUIE and I am a neutered male, tan and white Field Spaniel mix.
The shelter thinks I am about 5 years old.
I weigh approximately 20 pounds. OWNER SURRENDER
I have been at the shelter since Jul 12, 2011.
CANDY - ID#A1231084
My name is Candy and I am an unaltered female, tan and white mix.
The shelter thinks I am about 10 months old.
I weigh approximately 11 pounds. Stray
I have been at the shelter since Jul 13, 2011.
FERB - ID#A1227111
My name is Ferb and I am an unaltered female, black Tibetan Terrier mix.
The shelter thinks I am about 4 years old.
I weigh approximately 27 pounds.STRAY NEEDS GROOMING IMMEDIATELY
I have been at the shelter since Jun 30, 2011
Anna Hernandez
Los Angeles Animal Services
North Central Division
3201 Lacy St.
Los Angeles Ca. 90031
Shelter (213)485-5767
Fax (213)847-0555
Cell (213)305-4096
Business Hours Tues-Sat. 8-5
You can now follow NOCs' MPA's

Red Leaf

I am so disappointed that CDM is allowing this store to be in business in a city I love so much.
As we all know by now, "USDA-inspected" means nothing.
The women who own this store are well aware that they are supplying their store with puppy mill dogs.
How do they sleep at night?
It's the wave of the compassionate future to outlaw all puppy stores.
Adopt or go to a reputable breeder!


If I Heart Puppies was up & running with no fire safety in place, either someone wasn't doing their job and/or palms were greased. The owners had to knoiw this. Now they defiantly support cruel puppy mills and refuse to promote rescuing shelter dogs that will die? These women know exactly what they're doing...greedy, cold-hearted bitches! Shut them down and let someone humane take over this store and promote shelter pets...they desperately need to be seen and saved! Don't be cruel by supporting any store that gets the dogs they sell from anywhere other than shelters/rescue groups. You can find any pet you want from shelters/rescues.

carole davis

To be fair, Flaxenmare, I don't think they knew about the regulations regarding fire safety. That said, it was their job to educate themselves and to use common sense and not put animals at risk that way.
What is revealing is that they do not admit making mistakes. I think ethical people who are confronted with facts such as selling puppies from a breeder who shot a dog in the head, would immediately change course, admit wrong-doing and try to make amends. Instead, they continue to repeat the lie that they are selling from "reputable" breeders.
They could easily turn this around by putting up ALL their animals for adoption with a local rescue org and changing their business model to be rescue only. Plenty of wonderful pets at the OC shelter, all being killed because of stores like hers.


all the town is concerned about is generating More tax dollars for the out of control pension system


Is it not the responsablity of the building owner to have the needed fire equipmentsprinkler system up to date.

carole davis

That's correct, Ace. It is the responsibility of the owners of I Heart Puppies to ensure the safety of the puppies they sell. They are doing the bare minimum by installing an alarm. The fire safety official told me that "an alarm does nothing to protect the animals like a sprinkler system would" but the owner of this store doesn't want to cut into her profit margin to keep those pups safe. Maybe they should sell stuffed puppies instead.


If I HEART PUPPIES truly cared about the animals they sell they would not be purchasing sick and inbred puppies from puppy mills.
I HEART PUPPIES hear this: if you continue to shop for puppies from puppy mills I will never again enter your store, and I will tell my thousands of followers on twitter and the thousands who read my blog to boycott your store. 
Is losing countless customers really worth supporting puppy mills and the criminals who run them?,
Added yesterday ·  · 

    • Catherine Chapman-Bartolini You rock!!
      23 hours ago · 

    • Claudia Hoffmann oh yeah baby!!! Good job Carole's....
      22 hours ago ·  ·  2 people

    • Carole Raphaelle Davis I love the spin they put on it, like it was their idea to close and get more puppies. Meanwhile, they had to take the dogs out of there. If they are getting lots more puppies, like they claim, they aren't allowed to bring them there until the alarm is installed. They should have put in a sprinkler system but that's too expensive for them, I guess.
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    • Carol Leifer Mazal, Carole! That's what happens when people stock their store with puppy mill dogs.
      22 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Monica Otero If u need any help, let me know. I live in the area & am disgusted a dog store opened in CDM. How did it pass?
      21 hours ago ·  ·  2 people

    • Dana Kungl oh boy these girls have no idea, do they!? Clueless!!
      21 hours ago ·  ·  2 people

    • Carole Sax OMG, they make me sick!!! Who took the photo?
      21 hours ago · 

    • Zana Fong so when are we ready to go?? DEMO??
      21 hours ago ·  ·  2 people

    • Erica Nunez-Reyes wow this is so ironic in so many ways!
      20 hours ago · 

    • Carole Sax get ready Zana, I have a huge response from people ready to go. Carole is doing everything the right way, be patient, believe me I'm so ready, have signs will travel.
      20 hours ago ·  ·  2 people

    • Moo Prince SHARED AGAIN
      20 hours ago · 

    • Carole Sax they mispelled incovenience
      20 hours ago · 

    • Carole Raphaelle Davis I just noticed that! They put the CON in InCONvience.
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    • Doc Franklinstein U ROK !
      19 hours ago · 

    • Jeanne O'Neil I guess it shouldn't surprise me but it always does that puppy peddlers of the fancy store variety always pretend like everything is on the up and up, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I can't decide if they're simply stupid or just plain mean and selfish.
      18 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Doc Franklinstein I'd like to go with Stupid. that probably only part of it.
      18 hours ago · 

    • Catherine Vade Bon Coeur You are great, Carole, and the people that work with you too!
      17 hours ago · 

    • Robin Kohler You mean they still don't need to put in a sprinkler system? An alarm is enough? Living things locked in cages in a locked store still burn to death waiting for the fire dept. Know what, I'm about done hoping these worthless POS women grow hearts and move in a humane direction. Plainly they care only about money and profit over life. IMHO they arent worthy of caring for or sponsoring rescues. F THEM!
      17 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Catherine Vade Bon Coeur Looks like a job for ALF...
      17 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Robin Kohler BTW Carole you are wonderful and yes --->You Freaking Rock<---
      17 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Carole Raphaelle Davis The Fire Safety guy told me he doesn't understand why they don't make it a law to put in sprinklers for live animals. They should. An alarm is all they are required to put in. They are doing the minimum. 
      17 hours ago ·  ·  2 people

    • Katie Maneeley Is anyone doing demo outreach here? I have brochures from Best Friends and live in the area so would love to help out.
      16 hours ago · 

    • Katie Maneeley what group are you with and when? I am on the OCPA meetup site.
      16 hours ago · 

    • Moira Lynn Good work!
      16 hours ago · 

    • Robin McLain Smith I live in the area and am ready to show up for a protest. Let me know when!
      12 hours ago ·  ·  2 people

    • Debbie Hight RIGHT ON!!
      7 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Tamra Sullivan Look at them..... Liars
      40 minutes ago · 

 once it is concluded, and would work to get a similar ordinance passed in Newport Beach.