Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jinky, Dog of a Hollywood Wife, pressures White House. Joins "Bo Needs a Friend" Campaign

What does it take for President Obama to adopt a friend for Bo from a shelter?  I can't understand why the Obamas didn't adopt. What a load of cat poop. If they had adopted a shelter dog, they could have solved the whole problem of pet overpopulation. I've written to the White House, using special snail mail. I've paid a very large and fast snail in my yard to go to Washington DC and climb into the Oval Office with my letter. 

I know it'll be gooey and leave a trail of shmutz on the president's very important desk stuff but so what. Five million of my buddies dying in the pound every year is pretty important too. If the Obama family doesn't get smart and go to the D.C. pound, where they are killing my friends right now, I'm making a stink bomb, a compressed and potent fart bomb  that I plan to launch and detonate from right here in Hollywood. It will reach D.C.. 

I'm not worried because I'm a Terrierist, not a terrorist. My mom and her friend, my auntie Jana Kohl, are much more polite. They have no idea how to make a stink bomb like I do. So for you prisses who can't make launchable putrid stink bombs, there is a website you can go to and get all the info, including my mom's op-ed piece to the president, "Yes we can? No, you didn't!"

Try going to and write YOUR letter to the White House!

                           Carole Raphaelle Davis and her rescued dogs

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