Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chien Électrocuté Marchant sur le Trottoire Par Courant "Vagabond" à Nice

Cette lettre (dessous) envoyée au Procureur de Nice apres l' électrocution de mon chien, qui se promenait avec moi, en laisse, la Rue de France, à Nice. Mon pauvre chien Lamby, un Bichon, qui a eu une vie tres dificile avant de venir habiter avec nous (regardez plus bas dans le blog pour son histoire, il est de la fourriere municipale de Los Angeles) n'a pas mérité ce malheur. Il en est presque mort...

Si votre chien a subi un choc électrique sur le trottoire, contactez moi ici sur "comment" et nous allons faire le necessaire.

Nice, le 8/26/2008

Tribunal de grande Instance de Nice
Place du Palais
06357 - Nice Cedex 4


Samedi, le 23 Aout, 2008, mon chien a été électrocuté par un courant “errant” ou “vagabond” devant la boutique Charmelle au 63 Rue de France, ici à Nice. Il a survecu heureusement et je l’ai amené de suite chez le véterinaire Docteur Chave (Rue Lamartine) qui m’a confirmé que plusieurs chiens ont été electrocuté jusqu’a la mort par ce meme phénomène qui existe dangereusement sous nos trottoires.

En faisant des recherches sur l’internet, j’ai trouvé des centaines d’articles sur le sujet et c’est tres inquiètant. Dans toutes les villes, des chiens ont étés électrocutés comme Boston et New York, qui en ont accepté la responsabilité, sachant, après investigations des vieilles insulations de fils qui alimentent les reverbeurs, les lampadaires et autres, que des courants vagabonds peuvent envoyer des chocs significatifs aux passants. À New York, une damme est morte avec son chien cette année par un “stray voltage.”

Imaginons le drame s’il s’agissait d’un enfant marchant pieds nus devant cette boutique, et touché par des décharges électriques… Pour le moment ce ne sont que plusieurs chiens qui sont morts ici dans notre ville. Il y en a certainement beaucoup qui ont resenti des chocs sans que leurs maitres ne s’en soit rendu compte.

Donc, je vous écrit, Monsieur, pour déposer une plainte, en espérant qu’une enquête soit faite, et plus important, une recherche profonde des fils et courants dangereux sous nos trottoirs, a fin de trouver une solution. Je voudrais que vous sachiez, aussi, mes intentions d’ecrire un article (ou des articles pour des journaux et magazines Americains) sur ce sujet qui affecte les chiens et les personnes. C’est une bonne chose que ce soit arrivé à moi, qui suis journaliste, investigatrice et écrivain Américaine, spécialisée dans la défense des animaux car je vais attirer l’attention du public sur ce danger.

Je pense sincèrement qu’il relève de la responsabilité de la ville de Nice d’aviser aux endroits concernés (ou il y eu des incidents par example, Place Garibaldi ou il y a eu deux incidents durant les travaux) l’existence d’un danger d’électrocution. Et pourquoi pas faire paraître une annonce dans le Nice Matin. Je vous envoi également, avec cette déposition de plainte formelle, quelques articles en Anglais sur ce sujet (il y en a tres peux en Français) pour vous montrer que ce danger existe, est réel, et que d’autres grandes villes essayent de trouver des solutions.
Je vous remercie par avance de l’attention que vous porterez à demande. Dans l’attente de vous lire et restant à votre disposition, veuillez agréer, Monsieur, mes meilleurs salutations.

Carole Davis


Monday, August 25, 2008

Dog Electrocuted by Faulty Wiring, Stray Voltage Under City Sidewalk --Chien Électrocuté Par Courant Électrique Sous le Trottoire à Nice

Lamby the Electrocu-tie Pie.

Poor Lamby! A terrible thing happened to him. We were walking on the Rue de France, in Nice, France, Europe and Mom was looking in the shop windows again, drooling over more shoes. (I think Mom has even more than there are trees in the woods but she always stops in front of shoe stores and we have to wait around, sitting there, bored.)

So there we were in front of the shoe store and all of a sudden, Lamby started to SCREAM! He was louder than a New York Fire engine. His mouth was frozen open, his tongue was hanging out, he was drooling, screaming and rolling on on his back in the middle of the street. We didn't understand what was happening to him! Mom thought he was having a seizure and all the French people came out of their stores to ask if he was OK but he wasn't OK at all.

Mom was crying and picked him up but he wouldn't stop screeching. She thought maybe he had caught his bad foot (remember? He was badly injured when we got him from the pound. His back feet had been badly broken and all the skin was missing). Mom called Dad on the cel phone and he came running to carry Lamby back home.

It turns out, Lamby had very bad luck. He stepped on an electrical plate on the sidewalk and got zapped! Lamby was electrocuted! He was shaking and had pooped on himself, he got zapped so bad. Mom took us to see Dr. Chave on the Rue Lamartine, who told us that one of his patients DIED from being electrocuted by faulty wiring under the sidewalk. Dr. Chave was very aware of this problem, which happens in cities all over the world. Read the NY Times article about dogs being electrocuted just taking a walk! Or this article in the Boston Globe.

Our friends in Hollywood have all been calling to find out if Lamb's OK.

Rachel, the Pissed Kitty, left us a message: "Like he needs a higher hairdo!"

They are supposed to insulate wires under the sidewalk--the wires that light up the street lamps and other stuff so we can see when we take our walks at night. But the wires get old and they don't even know that the electricity can be conducted under the cement right up into our feet! People don't feel it because they wear shoes that protect them from it. But lots of dogs have gotten electrocuted. I guess it will take a bare-footed human brat to get killed by old, un-insulated wires under a sidewalk before anybody does something about this. Only certain kinds of humans care if we dogs get hurt.

Read this article about how a simple walk on a sidewalk could kill a dog! I wish that hadn't happened to Lamby, who's had such a hard life until we adopted him. He's gone through so much already with his broken feet. He didn't need more pain in his life.

Lamby is better, but we were all really scared. Mom went to the CHARMELLE shoe store (63 Rue de France, Nice, 06000, France) to tell the owner that they need to put up a sign to warn others. The lady who owns the store didn't even care. She refused to give Mom the name of the building management. She never asked how Lamby was or anything. She practically kicked us out while Mom was explaing that Lamby was almost killed by dangerous electrical currents right in front of her shop.

Mom is making a complaint to the Procureur de Nice (City Prosecuter). You know what's really weird? I was talking to some of my dog friends at the park today after we got back from the vet and a lot of the dogs know about it and jump over electrical plates so they don't get a nasty jolt. My friend Ouati, a dog who lives on Rue Alphonse Karr, told me she got electrocuted and she ALWAYS walks around the elctrical plates. Her mom also thought she had stepped on her foot or something.

I was so worried about my boyfriend Lamby, I had to drink half of Mom's beer just to calm down.

We're going to be really careful now because those electrical plates are everywhere! We might have to totally un-hippify ourselves and wear booties, like those celebritard dogs in Beverly Hills. Mom will have to shop for doggie shoes now. I hope she won't make us wear high heels or whory strappy sandals, like the dumb shoes she wears.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

French Whore House and China's Olympian Cruelty to Dogs

My boyfriend Lamby is in France! Mom and Dad and Finn let me bring my boyfriend to Nice so now we are truly a Euro-Pack. Here in France, we have a ménage à cinq (that means five of us doing the humpo-rama)! We're very bad here, worse than in L.A. and we're peeing on all the historical monuments in Nice together.

I don't know if you know this but Lamby is a Bichon Frisé and that's French for Gay, Floofy, French Poodly, Pooftah. This town is FULL of these frou-frou dogs. These frizzy fagdogs were bred for the French royal court but I know where the Lamby really comes from--the pound in L.A. I have to remind him sometimes and put him in his place because his head is so used to getting coiffed, it's getting too big.
There he is, up there on the marble table, getting coiffed, for, like, the millionth time since we got to France.

The Nice, France, Europe house is full of action lately. Mom has had some interesting guests/whores from Los Angeles staying with us. I had to check under one of the whore's sleepy shirts to see what's going on up in there. Weird. Looks like some kind of left over shrimp dish.

My wife Finn likes the whores well enough but doesn't approve of how much they've been drinking. See that beer? It's called 1664. That was how many beers they drank in a couple of days. They couldn't stand up but I hear that's normal for Irish whores.

See? Mom is so drunk she can't even focus. It's a good thing they're having fun while they can. There's a war brewing very close by. There are dogs in Georgia sending very alarming fart signals about the Russians coming into their territory.

Mom's been watching the Olympics but I don't like what's going on in China either. I'm hoping the the American athletes kick their butts because the Chinese clubbed a whole bunch of stray dogs to death near the Olympic village so it would "look nice" for the press.

Whether they club dogs or sell them all cut up in butcher shops is the same to me. Mom told me that when she went there (she used to go to China a lot but stopped because of the way they treat dogs) she saw lots of puppies crammed into baskets. They were for sale in the butcher shop to make stew. The Chinese don't get any gold medal from me. I'm sending my most pungent farty bomb in the direction of Beijing.