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"I Want a Puppy for Christmas!" And other Dumb Holiday Ideas

Jinky, Dog of a Hollywood Wife

“I Want a Puppy for Christmas!”
And Other Dumb, Holiday Ideas.
By Carole Raphaelle Davis

Someone you know wants to buy a puppy for Christmas and I am here to talk them out of it because the truth must be told. It’s a typically dumb holiday impulse. Yes it’s true, puppies are adorable but one should think before one hands over their credit card.

I don’t mean to be all bah humbuggish about it but puppies become dogs in a few months. If you have room in your heart for a new four-legged friend this holiday season, wouldn’t it be the ethical choice to refrain from buying a puppy and consider adopting an adult dog instead? Isn’t that really more in line with the holiday spirit? After all, while families are decorating their trees, dogs are being euthanized by the thousands at the pound.

Why are adorable, pure-bred puppies brought to the pound after the newness wears off? Because puppies are a lot of work! Puppies are infant dogs and need constant care. They pee, they poop, they chew, break things, throw up and cry, just like babies do. They have tiny bladders and bottomless tummies and don’t sleep through the night. Unless you’re rich and have full-time help, you’re in for a tremendous amount of sleeplessness and work.

I want you to count to ten and consider this before buying a puppy: Did you choose all your good friends when they were drooling, pooping-in-their-pants infants? Or did you pick your friends because you like them and feel good about them? Aren’t most of the friends you’ve made adults? Does the fact that you didn’t know your friends when they weren’t even able to hold up their own head impede your friendship in any way? Really, did you meet your good friend and say, “ooh! How cute that drooling toothless little girl is! Wow, that baby with the poop-filled diapers is going to help me move. I can’t wait ‘til we can hang out together and I can tell her all about my problems with my job and my marriage!”

For every puppy bought at the store, there is another one just like him at the pound, just months older, getting ready to say goodbye to the world. Why? The answer is simple and sad. The person paying $1500 at a pet shop for a puppy mill Yorkie won’t go to the pound and rescue one.

If someone you know is thinking of buying a pooping, whining, peeing, chewing, destroying-everything-in-the-house, little furry creature this holiday season, please consider adopting an adult pet.

You want a designer dog? No problem. The shelters and rescue organizations are full of them. PETFINDER.COM can help you find even the rarest of breeds. You can probably find a Brussels Griffin or a Briard within your zip code. Every single breed of dog is a click away. On PETFINDER.COM, you get individual stories about the pets, like where they came from and why they ended up in foster homes or at a shelter. Foster care-givers know the personality of the animal and how he interacts with others, including children. You can even go and meet the animal with your other pets or your children to see how they all get along.

The fact is you simply know more about an animal when you meet him as an adult. You actually don’t know what you’re getting in a puppy. All you know at eight weeks old is what it might look like. And looks shouldn’t be a criterion for picking a best friend anyway. We don’t pick our friends for their looks do we? Well, maybe in Hollywood…

Be logical. You can interview an adult person to judge if he’s intelligent, well adjusted, mentally normal and friendly. You can get a feeling if he is a thief or a liar or a murderer. You can’t interview a ten-week old baby. You have no idea if that baby will grow up to rob you and burn your house down. Using the same logic, you can interview an adult dog. You can get a sense of his personality, if he seems well adjusted, mentally normal, intelligent, open or friendly. You know he won’t rob you and burn your house down. You can’t interview a puppy. Every puppy has only two wriggling motivations—worming its squirmy little cuteness to the food and then emptying it out at the other end.

Training an adult dog is much easier than training a puppy. Believe me, a rescued dog wants to learn how get along in your house. All he needs is some exercise, patience, understanding and a little time. Even an older dog will be so grateful you took him in, as long as you show him the ropes, with kindness and understanding, he will gladly learn what he needs to in order to fit in. The job of helping an adult dog or cat to assimilate is far easier than the job of training a puppy.
So this holiday season, don’t go to the pet shop. Adopt an adult dog. You’ll save a lot of money. You’ll be able to think more highly of yourself. Now that’s a gift! Real status is not about what rare breed you bought, but about what kind of person you are. By giving money to the puppy mill industry, you are putting money directly into the hands of a business that perpetuates misery for profit. They deserve to be put out of business.

The real joy of Christmas is in giving— and what better gift to yourself than giving a home to a lonely dog. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, with gratitude, loyalty and love. Participate in the solution. Let’s spread the Christmas spirit and help empty out some of those cages.
Save a life. Adopt.

Carole Raphaelle Davis is an actress, aniaml welfare advocate and author of “The Diary of Jinky, Dog of a Hollywood Wife,” by Andrews McMeel Publishing.
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Carole is the best! My furfriend, Eddie, won't start his day until he has checked to see if Jinky has a new post. We need to spread the word and save the pups.

Jinky, Dog of a Hollywood Wife
Ever wonder where your pet shop puppy or kitten comes from? Look at:


Monday, September 22, 2008

Nice- Un Caniche recoit une decharge electrique sur le trottoire --Nice Matin

Photo : Richard Ray
Carole Davis sur les lieux avec son chien, mais...dans les bras ! De peur qu'il ne recoive une nouvelle décharge.

Nice - Un caniche reçoit une décharge électrique sur le trottoir -

rue de france
Un caniche reçoit une décharge électrique sur le trottoir
Paru aujourd'hui, Monday, September 22, 2008 3 commentaire(s)

En décembre 2006, l'affaire du trottoir électrifié de la place Garibaldi - juste devant le magasin Monoprix- avait fait grand bruit.

Plusieurs chiens avaient pris des « coups de jus », l'un avait même péri et l'origine du problème avait été finalement identifiée comme provenant d'un défaut d'isolation des globes lumineux incrustés au sol. Une intervention des services techniques avait alors suffi à régler le problème.

Ces mêmes services devraient être sollicités tout prochainement afin d'effectuer des investigations au 63, rue de France devant un magasin. C'est là qu'un caniche du nom de Lamby aurait reçu une sacrée décharge le 23 août dernier.

Des investigations de la ville

L'adorable toutou a survécu et va désormais bien. Mais sa maîtresse ne veut pas en rester là. Car cette Américaine résidant à Nice une partie de l'année est une militante de la cause animale. « Il vaut mieux que ce soit arrivé à moi, car je ne laisserai pas passer. »

Carole Davis écrit dans des revues spécialisées dans les chiens. Actrice ayant notamment fait une apparition dans « Sex and the city » et dans plusieurs longs métrages, elle a publié un livre dans lequel elle raconte la vie d'un chien à Hollywood, The diary of Jinky, dog of a Hollywood wife. Elle est aussi investigatrice et enquête notamment sur les trafics de chiens.

Si Carole Davis veut qu'on parle de cette mésaventure, c'est pour éviter que cela n'arrive à d'autres, qu'ils soient sur deux ou quatre pattes. « Imaginez qu'un enfant soit électrocuté ! » s'écrie cette amoureuse des animaux qui a déposé plainte. Elle a écrit à la mairie ainsi qu'au syndic de l'immeuble situé au 63, rue de France.

Ce dernier a pris l'affaire très au sérieux et a écrit à EDF ainsi qu'à la ville afin de faire procéder à des investigations souterraines.

Auguste Vérola, adjoint à la proximité et à la population, s'est lui-même rendu sur place mais n'a rien constaté. « J'ai demandé aux services techniques d'intervenir, d'autant que je vois régulièrement des gens qui rentrent de la plage et qui marchent pieds nus précisément à cet endroit lorsqu'ils se rendent à leurs hôtels de la rue Meyerbeer » indique l'élu.

Si ce phénomène que Carole Davis appelle des courants vagabonds est méconnu en France, il fait, en revanche, l'objet d'une importante littérature sur Internet aux États-Unis et au Canada.

D. C.

alerter 22/09/2008 09:59 FAFA
ici on est pas aux USA. Les enfants ne font pas pipi ou caca comme vos amis a quatre pates. heureusement car deja qu'il faut enjamber les escrement des chiens tout en faisant attention de ne pas glisser, imaginez si tous les enfants faisaient pareil. Mais une chose me surprend, comment cette dame peut affirmée que son petit toutou s'est pris un décharge electrique; etait elle equipé d'un testeur ou a t'elle instalée une lampe sur son annimal? OU a t'il fait tout simplement un malaise?

alerter 22/09/2008 10:16 wen
Serait-ce le même poteau défaillant qui a causé la mort d'un dogue argentin par éléctrocution alors qu'il urinait? Je ne retrouve plus l'article mais je m'en souviens

alerter 22/09/2008 14:21 carole raphaelle davis
Pour "Fafa"
Je sais bien que nous sommes pas aux USA. C'est evident, Nice est beaucoup plus belle que Los Angeles et c'est pour cette raison, parmi d'autres, que je me suis installee ici.
Pour repondre, je sais que mon chien a ete electrocute parce que dans mon travail pour la defense des animaux, j'ai vu des animaux electrocutes dans des laboratoires et dans des usines a fourrures. Alors je connais trop bien, malheureusement, les symptomes d'electrocution. Et le veterinaire me l'a confirme ici a Nice.
Pauvre Lamby, je lai adopte de la fourriere municipale de Los Angeles, il a deja tellement souffert, il ne meritait pas que ca lui arrive!
So vous voyez que votre chien a eu un malaise, qu'il hurle et devient rigide pour une minute ou plus, c'est fort possible qu'il a recu un choc electrique.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

What happens when dogs get adopted from the shelter

Here we are in the south of France, near the Italian border. We are enjoying the Riviera spaghetti-eating championships. I am world champion title holder and I send my worst regards, my most virulent pasta wind to the a-hole who dumped me at the shelter in California.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarah Palin Pulls Herself Up By Her Own Bra Straps

Last night, we went to a big Obama fundraiser at the apartment on the first floor, where my Maltese neighbor bitch lives. She barks at me every time I pass her front door. All the Americans that are voting for Obama from France were there and this woman named Nancy Pelossi was patched in from Washington to talk to us on the giant screen. She seemed pretty nice but she didn't say anything about dogs at all.
Even though we're all the way over here in Nice, France, Europe, we can't get away from this election stuff.

Dad's on a rampage because of Sarah Palin. He thinks McCain is going to get elected and then his skin disease will kill him, making the hockey mom president of the United States.

Dad: "She's 'ready?' She thinks she's ready? Why? Just because she's confident? She thinks she can deal with Russia because she can see it from Alaska? Hey, I can see the moon! I'm not confident I can get there. I can see Martin Scorcese's house from our house but I'm not confident I can direct a movie. I guess she's confident because George Bush is confident and she thinks that's all it takes. I'll say this, though. George Bush got where he is because of his father but Sarah Palin pulled herself up by her own bra straps."

I really hate her because she likes to kill animals for fun. I've seen pictures of her smiling, kneeling over animals she just killed, like it was fun. Finley and Lamby think she's creepy because she thinks Iditarods are cool. They're not. We dogs hate it. I'd like to strap her to my king sized dog bed and force her to drag me around in the ice from Alaska to Grandma's house in Manhattan. See if she likes it.

I'm really mad at her about the way she treats wolves, too. Wolves are my ancesters, although she doesn't know that because she believes the world is flat and that there's no such thing as evolution.
She's not too nice to bears either.

Le Lac de Saint Cassien in Provence, where Dad rants about politics and Lamby swims.

On the way home from the lake, Mom and Dad wanted to stop in Tourettes, just because the village is named after a mental disorder. All the people up there were barking like dogs and swearing, their tongues hanging out. Looked normal to me.

Here's a picture of Sarah Palin's parents at home, surrounded by dead animals. Just over their TV, there's a gruesome decapitatied animal that looks just like my boyfriend Lamby. Some people are are so mean. I might have to go to the post office and send them a package of French dog poop.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pets of Bel Air Lawsuit is now Class Action

After months of protests by animal welfare advocates, Pets of Bel Air must now defend itself in a class action lawsuit that claims it defrauded customers by claiming the dogs were not from puppy mills.

Pets Of Bel Air Lawsuit Expanded To Class-Action Status
From KNBC:

BEL AIR, Calif. -- A fraud and false advertising lawsuit, which alleges that a Bel Air pet store sold puppies that later became sick or died because they were bred in so-called puppy mills, was expanded Tuesday to a class-action case.
Dec. 2007 Video Images
The ruling by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge John P. Shook means the buyers of nearly 800 puppies at Pets of Bel Air between Dec. 28, 2003, and the present will be joined as plaintiffs.

Read full article from NBC here. And please do comment, as it shows KNBC just how important this story is.

And now, I hand over the mike to Jinky, who is growling about puppy mills in the south of France at the moment:

Boy, oh boy. Pets of Bel Air is in deep cat poop now! Being in this class action lawsuit is like they are up to their eye balls in a giant 5000-cat litter box that has never been changed.
Before we left for France, we were protesting up there and the owners were really mean. One guy tried to knock the video cam out of my uncle Chris' hand. A friend of the owner even called my mom a "prostitute." (Only Dad is allowed to call her that and he doesn't even though all he ever talks about is how much he pays for everything.)
So me and my friends peed on their window a little, right under the teeny chihuahua infants. I know those puppies will get sold and that people will love them, but their parents are in prison in a factory and that's why we were there and that's why all my friends are STILL there and that's why we are never giving up, not until these pet factory fronts stop it and all my brothers and sisters are freed from factories and pounds and sleeping on couches with people who love them LIKE WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE LOVED, OK? That means, NO MORE WIRE CAGES!
This lawsuit thing is the biggest bone in the world, so big nobody can even think of how to chew it. I met tons of people who bought sick dogs up there and the Pets of Bel Air people are going to have to explain to the judge why they lied to people about where the dogs were from and why the dogs were so sick. And now, more people than ever are going to come out, just like the termites in our deck around the pool and they're going to put big question holes in ALL the stores in L.A.
The problem for these dog and kitty dealers is, there is no exterminating protesters and law suits. Our dog movement is getting really strong. Do you know how many ex death row (from the pound) pit bull friends I have? And their moms and dads are lawyers.
There is a big farty wind of change blowing through puppy mills and broker facilities and pet stores around the world right now. I am in communication through fart signals with dogs in Missouri, in Oklahoma, California, Pensylvania, Arizona, Ohio, Belgium, Hungary and France we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore.
Here we are, protesting in Nice, France.
So Go L.A. !
Here's me and my mom explaining how to get a pet factory front to quit it!