Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Obama Family Can Adopt a Portugese Water Dog

photos: Chip Pearson

Dear President Obama and the whole Obama family,
I know you're not used to getting emails from dogs but please, please hear my plea. I heard you wanted a Portugese Water Dog and I found one on PetFinder for you. She's in Minnesota and her humans couldn't keep her anymore so she ended up in the shelter like I used to be. She's gorgeous, she's nice and she loves kids.
Can you give her a chance? Like so many Americans in these hard times, she's homeless. I don't usually get my hopes up too much but you changed all that with your election. So now I'm full of HOPE that you will look at WEMA and reach out to her. With one act of kindness , you will be, yet again, an example of hope for the hopeless, an example of compassion to your kids, an example of wisdom to the country. By adopting a homeless dog, you will change the way Americans bring dogs into their lives.

Give WEMA a chance.

Read her story in Fairmont Sentinel here:


Meet Wema, the Portugese Water Dog. Wema means goodness, kindness and compassion in Swahili. Wema is young and healthy and homeless, like millions of dogs in our nation's shelter system. And like so many Americans today, she is a victim of financial hardship. Her people couldn't afford to keep her anymore. Now she waits with hope in her heart for a new family to love.

Wema is gentle, well-behaved and loves children and other animals. She even enjoys a game of toss the ball with herself!

Portugese Water Dogs are exceptionally intelligent and willing to please. They make excellent family companions and love the country as well as the city. They are sturdy and strong but gentle and affectionate. " Porties" are elegant and refined but love to play. Portugese water dogs are also known to be hypoallegenic, with a soft curly coat that allows people with allergies to enjoy their companionship.

This athletic and sweet-natured young lady deserves only the best and she is currently being spayed and vaccinated.
She can be reached at the Martin County Humane Society in Minnesota.

Call Wema!
The Martin County Humane Society 522 Margaret Street Fairmont, MN 56031 Phone: (507) 238-1885 Email: pawprints01@hotmail.comClick here for a list of pets at this shelter

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Monday, January 12, 2009

HSUS Animal Cruelty Investigation Reveals PetLand Selling Puppy Mill Dogs

Hey PetLand Phonies,
I know I'm just a dog, but dogs are smarter than you think we are. Not only are we smarter, but we can smell a fish from Hollywood all the way to Ohio where you are. We dogs can actually feel things you can't feel---empathy for the millions of dogs in imprisoned puppy mills and shelters around our nation.

You've got a lot of nerve selling factory pets when five million companion animals are euthed every year in the shelter system. All of the pets you sell are made like machine parts. These pets live out their sad lives confined to cages and will never know what it's like to be loved. You've got some nerve thinking it's OK to hide behind your USDA minimum standards of care baloney.

Dogs only get 6 inches in front of their face for LIFE in your USDA breeding facilities. You think that's humane? There's a reason why all your stores are being picketed. There's a right and a wrong here and you are on the wrong side of this moral issue, demonstrating your priority of greed before the welfare of the animals you sell.
Your bogus defensive youtube video is a stinking load of cat poop as far as we're concerned. Go humane or go out of business. I lift my leg on you, PetLand!

Please view this defensive and misleading statement by PetLAnd below and comment here on this blog because, guess what? They aren't posting comments from us.

Unlike PetLand creeps, I believe in the First Amendment. So let me know what you think of PetLand's policy of selling dogs from Puppy Mills and pets from pet factories. I'll make sure they see your comments and I promise to shoot some stink wind in the Fedex envelope before we send it all to them.

Look at the PetLand spokescreep, defending their inhumane business model. Please look how she says that "no one is more sensitive to the welfare of our puppies than we are." Hey! WHAT ABOUT THE PUPPIES' PARENTS? Do you have cat poop for brains as well as having an obscene-sounding name? Why I oughtta...