Friday, February 08, 2008

Jinky, Dog of a Hollywood Wife reports Paris Hilton admits to having dog mill in her home

Paris Hilton is breaking the law big time. She's about as useless as a tick. She went on the Ellen show today and admitted to having 17 dogs in her house! She's a WHORE-DER! And to top it off, she admits to them having puppies all the time. "They keep having babies," she says, laughing.
Doesn't she know about the spay/neuter law in Los Angeles? Maybe I need to go to some nightclubs and show her my empty ball-sack.

Click here to see her act as dumb as a ringworm.
I can't get over how some humans just don't get it. All my old cell mates are waiting at the pound, dying everyday, and Paris Hilton is laughing, making more dogs in her dog factory while she's out drinking and partying. A lot of those dogs are litter mates, which means they shouldn't be inbreeding. One of these days, Paris Hilton is going to come home drunk and find a new-born litter of three-headed retarded chihuahuas on her pillow.
My mom went ballistic when she saw the footage.
Mom (yelling to Dad): "This is outrageous! Animal Control should go over there and bust her! I know rescue people who are SCRAMBLING to find foster homes because they are maxed out in their own homes with 5 dogs. And here she is, this vapid and deeply stupid woman, the star of a sex tape, hoarding and neglecting 17 animals!"
I'd like my kitty, who has irritable bowel syndrome, to squirt out some loose and stinky poop drip in her favorite handbag.


Blogger Pisser said...

Bosco takes exception to that, he has a ringworm that's much smarter than Pee-Rash Hilt-on.

Glad Ellen went after her despite the doggy debacle of her own.

2:05 PM  
Blogger rita said...

If some moron admitted on tv that she kept a bunch of teenagers who were having babies all over her house, I bet that Child Protective Services would be all over her.

Why should dogs be accorded any less respect?

Zippy would be very glad to contribute his services after he eats too much of my good homemade veggie soup.

11:45 AM  
Anonymous said...

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