Sunday, January 06, 2008

New York Post praises Jinky, Dog of a Hollywood Wife! "Wickedly funny"

Jinky, Dog of a Hollywood Wife has a "wickedly funny voice."

by Julia Szabo read article here: NEW YORK POST


January 6, 2008 -- PETS have inspired books, movies, plays, TV shows and magazines - so it was only a matter of time before they hit the World Wide Web as Weblog subjects. A new pack of bloggers is paw-printing the Internet with pet postings that are entertaining, informative and sometimes celebrity-studded.

For a blog "written" by a dog with a wickedly funny voice, check out Jinky, Dog of a Hollywood Wife. Jinky, a rescued mutt, lives with comedy writer Kevin Rooney and actress-author Carole Raphaelle Davis, so his take on the writers' strike is especially, um, biting.

I'm sending Julia Szabo a giant wet nose kiss. You see those roses I bought up there? I'm going to eat them all and send her the rosiest farty wind all the way across the country to N.Y. A big rose cloud is coming her way.

I'd take them to her myself, but I might get picked up by animal control and that's happened to me before. It wasn't fun, believe me.

Lately, some humans are after me because of my big bitey mouth. I've been sounding off about puppy stores in Los Angeles and the owners of the pet stores don't like my kind--a lowly pound dog. They think I'm worthless but I think they stink more than a thousand pounds of decomposing fish heads.

So I got together with a whole gang of my old cell mates from the pound and we walked down to Posh Puppy in Beverly Hills (scroll down the blog to see the report).

All the people driving by were cheering for us while we all lifted our legs on the Posh Puppy store and left a ginormous 80-dog farty stink there on Wilshire Boulevard .

These stupid pet stores sell $3000 sick dogs while perfectly good dogs like me are sitting in the pound getting whacked. Anybody who buys a dog in a pet store should be drowned in cat pee after all the news about puppy mills. And anybody who will sell a dog to any moron who has the cash is just greedy.These people are even greedier than my wife Finley, who steals all my food.
Here's my greedy wife-bitch, Finley. She inhales her food and then barrels over to my bowl before I'm done and shoves me aside. You know what her measurements are? 24-22-22

I think it's creepy that pet store owners let you look at their dogs on line, order them and then you can just go and pay to pick them up-- like ordering fast food. They don't even do home checks like rescue orgs do, to see that it's all ok. They buy little tiny over-bred dogs wholesale from other humans who breed and sell lots of puppies and keep their parents in cages their whole life, with just enough room to turn around.

But the stinkiest thing of all is that pet store pups are almost all from factories. My buddies at the Humane Society of the United States wrote them to ask them to give them a total list of ALL the places where the puppies' moms and dads are. They want to know the truth.

I know what's going on. When I was in the shelter, there were lots of expensive dogs there. All of a sudden, these pure-bred dogs found themselves dumped and alone because people who spent piles of money on them didn't think they matched the couch anymore or because they chewed up some $500 shoes. The dogs' parents all came from really bad hillbilly places in Indiana, Missouri, Virginia and even California--places where they keep hundreds of dogs in cages all alone, with no love. Puppy Mill places. GRRRRRRR.

I send my most virulent farty wind their way, all the way to Missouri, capital of mean doggie prisons.Pffffffffffff...

May the dog auctioners and dog factory owners and on-line dog sellers choke on my atomic farty bomb. May they be bitten by 50, 000,000,000 fleas right on the ass.

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Blogger Pisser said...

Tulip and Bosco love you. They peed on P.P. too in solidarity.

Actually, Bosco had solidarity later near a Beverly Hills fire hydrant. It wasn't all that solid.

5:49 PM  
Blogger Mystical said...

Hi Jinky:

I love to blog as well. And I have asked Herself (my Mom) to get a copy of your book. We are two lucky dogs, aren't we?

Have fun, I know I do.

6:57 AM  
Blogger rita said...

Jinky, you go, boy! I live in WV and lived in VA most of my life. I have recently learned that some of the worst puppymills are in my area--run by MENNONITES, the same people who don't use electricity because it's worldly. They don't have cars, they use horse and buggies. And these people hurt doggies by keeping them in cages and never loving them.

I'm with you all the way, and I'll be fighting these bad people out here!!!

12:08 PM  
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7:51 AM  
Blogger rita said...

Hey there, Jinky, how are you doing? I love you.

10:42 AM  

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