Friday, November 16, 2007

A very lucky Valley girl

Mom and I saw a bat-eared brown girl at West Valley and told our friend Sidra all about her. Today she got rescued. I'm so happy for her. She got lucky and hit the jackpot just like I did. Now she will live with crazy Hollywood humans just like my parents--humans who let us under the covers and sneak us into restaurants.

The brown girl was really scared and didn't want to let go of Sarah (center of photo) who had been working with her. I know what that's like--I remember what it was like to not have a home, to not even be sure I'd be alive in a few hours.

I told her she had just stepped into a cushy new world; music biz and celebrity home design. I filled her in on what to expect from her new life: lots of fun but endless, mind numbing meetings with contractors and spoiled celebrities about what kind of exotic Brazilian marble to put on a countertops, long waits at fabric stores, picking from hundreds of shades of tea green for a bed flounce, lounging around in fancy cars, kids who want to play with you all day, incredibly delicious food, pillows, velvet, silk, chenille, bubble baths, toys, massages...

She looked at me like I was nuts.

"Come off it," she told me. "You're kidding, right? No way!"

She'll see.

She's not going to know what hit her, the change is so drastic. It's hard for humans to's like you're in a cell, in solitary, for something you didn't do and all of a sudden, the warden lets you out--you're free and you can see the sky and feel the sun on your face. Then to top it off, you win the 350 million bone lottery and the people who love you, really love you, not your humongous pile of bones. So tonight, we are celebrating.

I'm drunk from celebrating. You know they call me Drinky Jinky, right? When she gets cleaned up and gets rid of that mange on her ears, I might give her a good Thanksgiving hump.


Blogger Pisser said...

She's a beauty! I'm so happy for her, that you helped her get sprung.

Can we have a bat-ear convention on your couch? ;)

11:25 AM  
Blogger Nicole A said...

My name is Nicole and I work for FetchDog ( I’m writing to let you know that we love your site and we’ve linked to it on our blog roll! Check out the link on our own Nose To The Ground blog. Take care!

12:50 PM  

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