Monday, December 24, 2007

Posh Puppy in Beverly Hills Closes in reaction to Protest!

This is a big victory for animal welfare advocates against Posh Puppy of Tarzana and Beverly Hills. We closed them on the busiest puppy buying day of the year. Adoption is the ethical choice when bringing a companion animal into your heart and home. Like shoes at the shoe store are from shoe factories, pets from the pet store are from pet factories, where dogs are living in anguish, pain and agony. Get the real Christmas spirit this season and save a life. Adopt, don't buy while shelter dogs die." ---Carole Raphaelle Davis , actress, animal welfare advocate and author of "The Diary of Jinky, Dog of a Hollywood Wife."

Click on the link above to watch the Posh Puppy protest rally!
(pics by Melissa Maroff)

Tracy and Casper.

Lamby, my Brokebark boyfriend and his 3 Mommies, my Mom, Leslie Galagher and Jen Krause.
Deborah Bass, founder of Rags to Riches Rescue.
Leslie Galagher of 2hands4paws, Rachel Riskind (stupid Kitty's second mom) and MomaLamb.
This is the trouble maker who started it all. She kept calling mom every day for weeks.

Troublemaker: "Carole, you HAVE to do something about this! You have to close this place down! I can't stand driving by this disgusting place everyday! DO something!"

Richard Belzer from Law and Order Special Victims Unit came with my friend Bebe. (an adopted French Poodle) He was really jazzed that the store owners were so wimpy they closed! If you look closely, you can see the fog on the windows because Bebe sent some farty wind under Posh Puppy's front door. We all kind of rubbed our anal glands all over the door too.

Mom got together a huge bunch of our friends and we all drove down to Beverly Hills and closed down a stupid store called Posh Puppy. Puppy stores are the dumbest places. They pretend to like dogs there but really, all they do is make money off of us. LOTS of money. They sell dogs for thousands of dollars when lots of great dogs like me, Finley and Lamby are still in cages at the pound waiting to be adopted or die. People who buy from pet stores have kitty litter for brains.
There's Lamby, my Brokebark boyfriend. In his Santa suit, we call him LambaClaus!

I sent my most virulent farty wind right under the front door of Posh Puppy yesterday.

Look at Posh Puppy's stupid sign, like we were going to hurt anybody. If they were so worried about dog safety, maybe they would grow a heart and put pound dogs in the window instead. We're just as cute! And as for the "safety of their clients", what a load of cat poop that is.

Here's our friend Carol Liefer, the famous comedy writer. She' s adopted lots of pound dogs and she's the one who bought Mike Vick's phony sorry speech on the courthouse steps from HSUS.


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