Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Debate Mania

It's debate mania around here. The Kerry dude was like a Mastiff taking a pug (Bush) by the throat and shaking it until it died.

I like the debates because mom and Dad stay home; they hang out with food in the game room.

I'm not a registered Democrat like Mom and Dad and besides, the Caleefornia governor just signed an animal rights bill, outlawing foie gras, so now I think that Republicans are not all bad. Just most of them.

Mom says Cheney headed a pharmaceutical company before Halliburton. You know what they do to animals at pharmaceutical companies? Let's put it this way...the shelter in San Pedro was a 5 star spa compared to that kind of place. He's got bad teeth that he shows all the time.

Politics are worse than the pound--a lot of promises about getting adopted and then the gas.

I wonder if Edwards has dogs. I'd have a hard time being his dog though, with that weird mole on his mouth. It looks like a pencil eraser is growing out of his upper lip. That would bug me. His wife looks cozy though, like you could take a really good nap on her fatness. She looks like a couch that could pet you. They've got some food in that house. Doesn't look like much of it falls on the floor though.


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