Sunday, September 26, 2004

Stress pimples

Dad had to go and get air for the tires of his Studebaker. He almost didn't leave because of all the pimples on his nose. He just stood there again, staring at himself in the mirror in the living room as if the people who sell tires are looking at Dad's skin to see if it's good enough to buy a tire.

Dad: "Why do I have a giant cherry at the end of my nose? It must be the coffee or the stress."

Mom: "Will you STOP? Why don't you just stop touching your nose all the time? You should take Stridex pads to work with you and stop shaking hands and touching surfaces and then touching your nose. Keep cleaning your glasses and your face with the medicated pads."

Jesus, these people are laughably shallow. I wish they could see what it's like for just one hour on death row, where I came from. They'd know what stress means.


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