Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Jesus. I'm being stalked by the skank. I'm keeping a paper trail in case I have to sue. Look at this comlete loser e-mail (none of what she says is true, by the way) she sent me today:

Jinky. Remember this one, the suite at the Sunset Marquee? That white leather couch that we tore to shreds! The one too many canine martinis? The $254 cable porn bill? I'm getting very exciting just thinking about us teaming up again. To be honest, and I will, I have never had a man like you Jink. You really know how to treat a bitch. You make me feel like a bitch, Jink! See ya in a few weeks. PS Don't forget about the agent, Josephine :)

I just hope this lying gash isn't violent.


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