Monday, September 27, 2004

French Barking

Mom is very bouncy today because she was contacted by the Nouvel Observateur editorial staff about her column, American Pie. She's writing about American politics for a French paper and she put on some horny pictures of herself on their web site. I guess French jerk-offs will be looking at my mom and "reading" her opinions.

There was lots of French stuff going on this morning with phone calls to French lawyers and banks. Dad had to send the money to buy the apartment in Nice and normally, he would be sick about spending the money except that he bought the Euros at 1.20 and today, the Euro is at 1.23. Dad is feeling very smartypanty right now, having saved a bit of dough.

Then he went to work (fooshball).

I'm really mad at Florida. They are having a series of terrible hurricanes and the people shelters don't take dogs! What a crappy state. Not only is it full of Republicans who are hunters and polluters but they are forcing people to abandon their animals when they evacuate. Assholes.

You'd think that Jeb Bush, who grew up with dogs, would change the rules so that people's dogs could be allowed into the same shelters WITH their people. I'm sure a lot of the nicer Floridians stayed and braved the storms at home with their animals.

I know what it's like to be abandoned, unsafe and alone. It's not as much fun as living in the Hollywood Hills and buying apartments on the French Riviera.

Finney and I are going to have to learn to bark in French.


Blogger Harrison said...

Well, Jinks, why not tell your Omega humans to spend their money fundin' some community shelters instead of tossin' it into the froggie's pockets? They got enough on kickbacks from Saddam and skimmin' the UN Oil-for-Food program. Or you can start writin' your political people or sign this petition for the Red Cross. My Alpha human took in other peoples' pets when she lived on a ranch in Santa Ynez during the big Santa Barbara fire years ago. You left wing extremists are sooooooo typical. Always expectin' someone else to pay for it while you go mincin' off to smelly cheese country.

Now let me give you a tip on those froggie poodles--the ones in France, I mean, not the one runnin' for President. They are coooolllldddd bitches. And they squeal like stuck pigs when you finally get a good hold, 'cause they don't have any hair--only those froo-froo pompoms in weird places so your claws leave plenty of marks. They don't forget ya', that's for sure.

Harrison, The TerrioristsPS. Your mom is hot. Easy to see why Bob Guccione liked her. But she should stick to writin' about stuff she knows instead of pickin' on the Baptists. They're not my favs, but at least they're not teachin' their followers to blow people up or shoot little kids in the back.

9:08 PM  
Blogger Pisser said...

Le woof! Le woof, woof.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jink: How's about you and me go undercover and find those babes that GW snorted coke with, and rumor has it, got pregnant. There's gotta be some bitches that will spill the beans. We could even get a reward maybe! That GW and his gang of thugs are a very scary group. It really is amazing how stupid the American people are. They actually fall for his fake "I'm a Texan" bullshit. GW is a big old spoiled rich kid, who couldn't care less about any of those kids dying over in Iraq. But the really, really scary thing is that Vice President, who looks like a doctor you wouldn't want touching your butt. He'd like it too much. I say all us mutts should team up and find the GW Bitches! Before it's too late! If there's any GW bitches out there, please contact Vanity Fair.


1:34 PM  
Blogger Pisser said...

P.S. Jinky, I hope your vitilago, vitilago, whatchamacallit, Michael Jackson disease gets better soon ;)

11:11 AM  
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