Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Finley sneaked into the laundry room earlier and had some delicious kitty poop. Dad calls it the Almond Rocca for doggies because the kitty poop all rolled in litter looks like the candy rolled in nougat.

Finley loves the stuff and tries to get it hot out of the oven/ass if she can, but Mom has a kiddy gate at the door of the laundry room so that Finley can't get in to eat those snacks.

Finley also likes her snacks old and hard and chewy. I can tell, because the kitty tootsie rolls stick between her teeth and she looks very happy about it.

After a delicious kitty poop snack, Finley likes to climb on top of Dad and make out with him. She sticks her tongue deep into Dad's nose and sometimes she slips it into his mouth. He seems to like it. I don't kiss. It's gross. Nor do I eat Zelda's poop.


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