Thursday, December 18, 2003

I went to rehearsal with Mom in Burbank. It was so LOUD! A wall of Marshals and all of Rod Stewart's band was in there. There were a bunch of so-called famous musicians like Nile Rodgers and Ollie Brown but it was so LOUD, you couldn't hear Mom singing. Imagine how loud it was for me; I can hear 45 times more than Mom.

She's doing a benefit for Tony Thompson, the drummer from Chic, who just died of cancer. Mom is singing all the time now and playing the same loud disco music her dead friend played drums on.

Her friend Tony Thompson played on a few of mom's records, which I never heard. All day long, its Freak Out! and I want Your Love. I'm not going to get to go to the benefit at the Hard Rock cafe, because they don't allow dogs. I've heard enough of this shit anyway.

Last night Dad lost his mind. Finley took a big shit and ate it, so she got sick and was throwing up shit all over the house at 4 in the morning. Mom was tired from disco singing, so she yelled at Dad to put Finley in the bathtub, where she could throw up all the shit and it could be washed easier. Dad got up out of a dead sleep, furious. He was yelling and he went into the bathroom in the dark and slipped on some puke/shit.
He put finley in the bathtub and ran water over his foot, which was covered in shit. Then he tried to get his robe off the hook by the shower and the hook broke right off the wall, which made him even madder.

He tried to pick up more shit off of the carpet in the bedroom with some toilet paper and the toilet paper holder broke. All this was happeneing in the dark, with Dad yelling at the top of his lungs and Finley throwing up shit all over the place. I think she threw up 20 times. Then she wanted to go out and Dad took her out by the pool for a long time. We thought they drowned or something because they didn't come back for the longest time.

When they came in, Mom was pretty mad at Dad and they went to sleep not touching.

Finley slept like a log.


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