Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarah Palin Pulls Herself Up By Her Own Bra Straps

Last night, we went to a big Obama fundraiser at the apartment on the first floor, where my Maltese neighbor bitch lives. She barks at me every time I pass her front door. All the Americans that are voting for Obama from France were there and this woman named Nancy Pelossi was patched in from Washington to talk to us on the giant screen. She seemed pretty nice but she didn't say anything about dogs at all.
Even though we're all the way over here in Nice, France, Europe, we can't get away from this election stuff.

Dad's on a rampage because of Sarah Palin. He thinks McCain is going to get elected and then his skin disease will kill him, making the hockey mom president of the United States.

Dad: "She's 'ready?' She thinks she's ready? Why? Just because she's confident? She thinks she can deal with Russia because she can see it from Alaska? Hey, I can see the moon! I'm not confident I can get there. I can see Martin Scorcese's house from our house but I'm not confident I can direct a movie. I guess she's confident because George Bush is confident and she thinks that's all it takes. I'll say this, though. George Bush got where he is because of his father but Sarah Palin pulled herself up by her own bra straps."

I really hate her because she likes to kill animals for fun. I've seen pictures of her smiling, kneeling over animals she just killed, like it was fun. Finley and Lamby think she's creepy because she thinks Iditarods are cool. They're not. We dogs hate it. I'd like to strap her to my king sized dog bed and force her to drag me around in the ice from Alaska to Grandma's house in Manhattan. See if she likes it.

I'm really mad at her about the way she treats wolves, too. Wolves are my ancesters, although she doesn't know that because she believes the world is flat and that there's no such thing as evolution.
She's not too nice to bears either.

Le Lac de Saint Cassien in Provence, where Dad rants about politics and Lamby swims.

On the way home from the lake, Mom and Dad wanted to stop in Tourettes, just because the village is named after a mental disorder. All the people up there were barking like dogs and swearing, their tongues hanging out. Looked normal to me.

Here's a picture of Sarah Palin's parents at home, surrounded by dead animals. Just over their TV, there's a gruesome decapitatied animal that looks just like my boyfriend Lamby. Some people are are so mean. I might have to go to the post office and send them a package of French dog poop.


Anonymous said...

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Blogger rita said...

Jinky, Zippy says he'll add some poop if you want more to send to imPalin. He'll donate some of the treats from the kitty litter box, too. That's devotion for you.

The woman scares the crap out me, too.

3:25 PM  

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