Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pets of Bel Air Lawsuit is now Class Action

After months of protests by animal welfare advocates, Pets of Bel Air must now defend itself in a class action lawsuit that claims it defrauded customers by claiming the dogs were not from puppy mills.

Pets Of Bel Air Lawsuit Expanded To Class-Action Status
From KNBC:

BEL AIR, Calif. -- A fraud and false advertising lawsuit, which alleges that a Bel Air pet store sold puppies that later became sick or died because they were bred in so-called puppy mills, was expanded Tuesday to a class-action case.
Dec. 2007 Video Images
The ruling by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge John P. Shook means the buyers of nearly 800 puppies at Pets of Bel Air between Dec. 28, 2003, and the present will be joined as plaintiffs.

Read full article from NBC here. And please do comment, as it shows KNBC just how important this story is.

And now, I hand over the mike to Jinky, who is growling about puppy mills in the south of France at the moment:

Boy, oh boy. Pets of Bel Air is in deep cat poop now! Being in this class action lawsuit is like they are up to their eye balls in a giant 5000-cat litter box that has never been changed.
Before we left for France, we were protesting up there and the owners were really mean. One guy tried to knock the video cam out of my uncle Chris' hand. A friend of the owner even called my mom a "prostitute." (Only Dad is allowed to call her that and he doesn't even though all he ever talks about is how much he pays for everything.)
So me and my friends peed on their window a little, right under the teeny chihuahua infants. I know those puppies will get sold and that people will love them, but their parents are in prison in a factory and that's why we were there and that's why all my friends are STILL there and that's why we are never giving up, not until these pet factory fronts stop it and all my brothers and sisters are freed from factories and pounds and sleeping on couches with people who love them LIKE WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE LOVED, OK? That means, NO MORE WIRE CAGES!
This lawsuit thing is the biggest bone in the world, so big nobody can even think of how to chew it. I met tons of people who bought sick dogs up there and the Pets of Bel Air people are going to have to explain to the judge why they lied to people about where the dogs were from and why the dogs were so sick. And now, more people than ever are going to come out, just like the termites in our deck around the pool and they're going to put big question holes in ALL the stores in L.A.
The problem for these dog and kitty dealers is, there is no exterminating protesters and law suits. Our dog movement is getting really strong. Do you know how many ex death row (from the pound) pit bull friends I have? And their moms and dads are lawyers.
There is a big farty wind of change blowing through puppy mills and broker facilities and pet stores around the world right now. I am in communication through fart signals with dogs in Missouri, in Oklahoma, California, Pensylvania, Arizona, Ohio, Belgium, Hungary and France we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore.
Here we are, protesting in Nice, France.
So Go L.A. !
Here's me and my mom explaining how to get a pet factory front to quit it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's amazing, I am so happy these animal abusers are getting sued.
They are getting what they deserve.
Thanks for protecting these animals.
How can they live with themselves?
Cindy (Sparky's Mom)

5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for standing up to the pet stores and the puppy mills that supply them,
You are such a powerful group of people.

5:33 PM  
Blogger chrissy said...

I know the owner of this store, and he is one of the niciest guys you will ever meet. I am horrified at what you have done to him and his business. I have visited him at the store on many occasions and have always been struck by his love for the animals.The medicine he administerd to the the dogs were wormies that are routine.I understand that he did everything you asked, including getting rescue dogs, even when he had no dogs you still protested and now you have closed him down and put people out of work. I believe in your cause , but really am disappointed in the human race that you would behave like this to someone like Tom. Poor guy, maybe you should get your facts right and put your efforts into people who really deserve that treatment!

9:32 AM  
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