Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's Feudal to resist

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Though we are thousands of miles away, Nice, France, Europe is getting to be a little like the set of that old movie, Sunset Boulevard. I think both Mom and Dad are as they say...ready for their close- up.

They've now set up dog beds in the fireplaces. Since it's warm in the South of France, they don't make fires in the fireplaces, they make dog beds. All the fireplaces in the apartment are stuffed with pillows, covered with mohair blankets. We're supposed to sit in them, like burning logs and pose for pictures. Weird.

I hope Santa doesn't come down off season and kill us by mistake.

Dad is still depressed about not investing in Google and so he looks at stock charts all day counting how much money he could have made.

Dad: "Sigh..."

Mom: "What's wrong now?"

Dad: "Oh nothing. If only I had had the BALLS to put some money in Google. But when the market opens, I'm too busy doing millions of chores."

Mom: "Blame me for going to the hardware store exactly at opening bell, why don't you. What about Ebay? That's a good company and it's exploding in Europe."

Dad: "Too late. It's just hovering."

Mom: "Why don't you write something? You could sell it."

I tried to cheer Dad up by jumping on his lap.

Dad: "I can see now that I'm never going to write anything. I'm fifty five years old and soon I'm going to be dead. Hi, Minky!"

Then Dad got out the camera, put on some crazy rave music and took tons of pictures of Mom, wearing fishnet stockings on the new Japanese bed. I posed too.

Dad:" look great."

Mom: "Who, me?"

Dad: "No. Jinky."

You would think that Mom and Dad were going to do that crazy naked wrestling thing they do but Dad went back to his stock charts and then to bed at 9:30, a half hour before Minky-Time (10 P.M.). He put the covers over his head and snored.


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If Bush is in office, there's always Halliburton. That's a guaranteed moneymaker!

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