Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Real Estate Mongrel (mogul)

Mom and Dad have truly lost their minds. They got a place in France. I need another place to take a dump? I need to shit in France now? Although the way I hear the French have been acting lately, maybe I should. But what do we need to complicate our lives for, flying around and getting blown up in the sky and maybe getting our heads cut off?

There are some cool aspects to the France digs though.

There are French seagulls that shit all over the balconies and we will catch them in mid-air. We will walk to the beach and go to cafes. In France, dogs can sit on chairs in restaurants and go inside the post office and not be tied up outside like losers.

Mom got a call back for the Krapponian dance instructor for "That's so Raven". Jesus, if I have to hear her screaming in a Russian accent again, I'm going to vomit on the white couch. I guess it must be pretty depressing for her to go from starring roles to little guest stars on a children's show. I feel sorry for her. She has to dye her hair now and when she deposits residuals, the checks are rarely over $12.

Mom and Dad won't be able to watch the debate live tonight because they are going to some really pretentious event at LACMA. They got invited because Mom donated all her old disco clothes to the Textile Department of the Los Angeles County Museum of "Art". Mom has really gotten Dad into some preposterous activities. She gets him dressed up like a fop in linen suits from France and makes him shuffle around Museums in Moroccan embroidered slippers while important ball games are on TV.

So Finley, Zelda and I will watch the presidential debate live.


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