Saturday, October 16, 2004

Our hot watering hole is cool

Boy, do I like the jacuzzi. As soon as Mom or Dad get in there, I have to join. I could spend several hours a day in there soaking in the hot bubbles. I'd like Finley to come in, but she just sits on the edge, taking in the steam.

She really should come in though, 'cause she's filthy. But she would turn the water into a kind of brown soup. She's got greasy, wire hair and when she walks, all the dirt and dust stick to her. Whenever she is forced to take a bath, the water, soap and filth make a kind of gravy. I think she actually likes being dirty, which turns me on by the way.

I enjoy being boiled clean in a communal type set up. I like the hot bubbles and the general Hollywood jacuzzi experience.

Me and Dad in our very favorite spot.


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