Thursday, September 16, 2004

Well, a lot has happened since I took time off from my blog. I was really busy, flying around to France and stuff. My parents want to move out of Hollywood because it's so damn phony here. But France is pretty phony too, a lot phonier than LA, which I'll explain later.

Right now, I have to nap before we go to Ventura Blvd to buy a stupid baby gift for a Haitian rock star. This Haitian rock star just bought a house in Florida on the gulf coast that he wants us to come and visit. He bought the house 2 days before the hurricane hit. Dad thinks we're going to have an economic hurricane right here in Hollywood if Bush gets elected.

Mom and Dad think it's going to be a landslide and that my yard will be worthless after the November election. I don't want them to sell the house and yard. This is my yard, I patrol it, I've worked awfully hard marking the entire place-- almost a whole acre! I still haven't pissed on every single spot and I've got work to do. If you think about it, I've fertilized the trees, the ivy, the oranges, peaches, plums and figs. This is my chunk of Hollywood.


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