Wednesday, November 15, 2006



Last night, Mom and Dad were both on television at the same time, on distant channels--those channels on satellite TV that are way up in the hundreds. These are unknown channels with no name. Mom was playing an Iraqi friend of Saddam Hussein's that was the head of Iraqi TV in "Live from Bagdhad" and Dad was playing "Ira" in "When Harry met Sally."

I was trying to sleep.

Mom: (zapping the remote back and forth) "Look! We're on TV at the same time!"

Then Mom put her thumb and pointy finger together, almost touching.

Mom: "We're teeny, tiny celebrities, like tiny specks of dust in Hollywood."

Dad: "That's right, we're celebri-mites."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Celebri-mites are way better off than celebri-pubic lice, which I think mainly live off Paris Hilton...or ON her.


3:01 PM  

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