Friday, July 10, 2009

Michael Jackson's Former Animals Live in a Creepy Zoo

This Michael Jackson guy really left a mess behind him. I'm taking about the animals he abandoned. Basically, they were all dumped. My mom tracked down where a lot of his animals ended up and believe me, you wouldn't want to live there behind the chain link fence.

Michael Jackson's private zoo was auctioned off when he split to go shopping in Bahrain. One of the buyers is an "educational zoo and recreational park" in Oklahoma where they are asking for money to support M.J.'s abandoned animals. What a load of cat poop that is. 

This is lifted directly from their phony rescue park  ( where people can gawk at Michael Jackson's animals behind bars and in cages. 

Check it out:

"In the "Movie Free Willy" Michael Jackson sang "Will You Be There"

Which made the Movie heart warming. It was sad to hear about the king of pop's death but the animals at the G.W. Exotic Animal Park, which once belonged to Michael, will long live his memory here at the park.

Help us make the Michael Jackson Memorial for his animals"

What's sad is that these crooks are making money off his death, jailing his former animals and making dumbasses think they actually care about these animals they bought. 

Look at this poor lion. I'm just a dog from death row but I've got way better digs than that.

On the website for this creepy place, there is an entire section devoted to slamming animal rights. Look here how they frighten animal welfare people:

And then they shamelessly ask YOU to pay for Michael Jackson's animals! 

Yeah, right. Like I would send them anything other than an atomic fart bomb. 

Sure woulda been nice if Michael Jackson had taken care of his animals to make sure they went to a sanctuary instead of this creepy joint, where you pay these greedy animal jailers to hook up your RV and have fun poking your finger at caged wild animals. 

May this "park" owner suffer the bites of ten-thousand fleas, twenty-thousand gnats, and may he forever be picking millions of ticks out of his ears.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your average person can't win! You a dumbass for going there or a murderer for donating to animal rights groups. So I am a dumbass and a murderer. I have read their website slamming Peta for murdering animals and read other sites slamming GW for thier business and mostly it is each side singling out the average joe shmoe to guilt them into supporting a side. Well FUCK ALL OF YOU. Neither cares about animals they both just condescending fundraisers.

Why don't we educate people rather than over the top scare tactics or smearing. NO wonder people are turned of at these issues. Nobody wants to feel they are contributing to animal abuse by going to a place like this. nobody wants to be called a murder because they donated to PETA

7:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are animal profiteers that profit by abusing animals

This is their lobbyist for this and other animal profiteer industries like puppy mills, and Consumer Freedom is the one that comes up with the propaganda slamming animal rights. Why? Because their clients don't want regulation or exposure of the abuse, and groups like Peta push for regulation and expose the truth!

All the peta kills crap was created by the wealthy Consumer Fredom (CCF) lobbyists.

They also are tobacco insustry lobbyists.

4:57 AM  

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