Friday, February 11, 2005


I don't know what got into me; maybe it's because I'm in France but I think I had a menage-a-trois last night. We were all on the bed and Dad was humping Mom and I was humping Dad's leg. I was in rapid fire mode--at least five humps per second. I was all revved up. He ignored it but Mom was laughing at me. I couldn't help myself. It's like I was possessed or something because I couldn't stop licking Dad's arms from his hands up to his back and then running back down to his lower leg and humping him like a madman. Then the weirdest thing happened. I was just trying to get a little closer look at the action when I guess I got too close and I got my nose right between Dad's ass cheeks. He clenched up and for a second there, he grabbed my nose with his ass. That shocked all of us. Everything stopped. I think Dad might have been done anyway, he's pretty old. He was red as a beet.

Dad: "Jesus! Jinky! Jinky's nose got caught in my ass."

Mom: (laughing) "Stop! I can't do this while Jinky is staring at me through your legs! I can't do this! It's too crazy! Can't we wait until the dog goes to sleep?"

Dad: "Oh, come on. Stop giving me instructions, will you? He's not GOING to sleep.

Then Dad rolled over on his back, looking rejected. I tried to make him feel better by humping his arm, this time, nice and slow.

Mom: "I'm not having a three-way with Jinky!"

Then Dad started laughing so hard he was crying. I feel kind of weird about everything now. I feel strangely guilty and dirty. I know Dad's pretty creeped out about it too. This French lifestyle is getting to me. I'm confused. I might need therapy when I get back to Hollywood.Posted by Hello


Blogger Pisser said...

This is HYSTERICAL. Now only if we had video...but you're right, that would be weird.

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