Monday, November 29, 2004

Finn has a tick on her lip and she looks like Cindy Tickford

Finn has a tick on her upper lip and she won't let anybody take it off. She must think she looks glamorous with it because it looks like a mole on her lip area--kind of like Cindy Tickford, the top model.

Dad keeps approaching Finney with the tweezers, but she runs away and when he holds her down, she jerks her head around. Mom screams that Dad is going to poke her eye out with the tweezers and Dad gets mad because he hates to be told how to do anything. None of us respond well to intructions or commands in this house. Mom wants to try and get the tick off of her lip with her nails but Finley won't let her and Mom is afraid of being bitten, so the tick/mole stays for now.

The tick does look kind of cool there on her lip except that it might have some kind of disease and it IS sucking the blood out of her lip. Last night, Finley was eating some chocolate Hagen Daas ice cream out of a bowl and Mom asked her, "Are you giving your tick some ice cream, Finney Finn Finn? That's nice of you."

Mom hopes that the tick doesn't get really fat in the middle of the night and decide to leave the host lip of the Finn to crawl around on the bed in search of new lips. Mom would look cool with a live mole on her lip too. But Dad would think it looked better if it were on her tits. I know him.


Blogger BahamaMama said...

Love your blog ! Check with your vet, mine won't let me give my doggie ANY chocolate, says chocolate can kill doggies. Sure don't want yours to go belly up!

4:36 PM  

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