Wednesday, January 14, 2004

LouLou Belle, Destroyer of Worlds

Dogs and their balls. Or someone else's balls, evidently. The Reanimator has new work.

But I am a Kitty and am become the destroyer of worlds. I reach out my paw and crush the creature that dares to invade my domain. I scratch and sniff. I sit on the ledge and my teeth chatter with bloodlust as the bushy tailed squirrel dances on the tree just beyond my grasp. When the humans open the door to the world beyond I will escape and slaughter the squirrel and all his kind. I will use all my powers. And I will kill again, oh yes, I WILL kill again. Let the dogs have their low hanging balls. I am kitty, destroyer of worlds.

P.S. Vin Diesel should invite President Bush to his home. I hear the reception is extra-special. But there may not be any balls. Then it would be pointless.


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