Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mom won't eat pies on camera!

Mom has been getting the greatest job offers ever. I don't understand why she won't do it. People and dogs are starving all over the world and would DIE to get pies thrown directly at them. Mom's getting offered a lot of money to get pies and she won't get pied in front of a camera for some crazy reason I can't figure out.

That Ann Coulter woman that Dad hates so much got pied and she actually got mad about it! What is wrong with people? Pies are absolutely delicious.

I got a copy of her correspondence with the Pie Guy. If only I could meet this Pie Guy, I could maybe help out in the negotiating. Mom is absolutely nuts not to do this. She thinks it will sink her career. Don't tell anybody but it's already sunk, even before her fourth of July appearance of the Bold and the Beautiful. Mom is so stubborn. Once she's got her mind made up, there isn't much anyone can do.

I MUST convince her to take this job and bring me with her to the set.

Here is the e-mail correspondence between Pie Guy and Mom:

Hi Carole

I make amateur pie in the face videos and my friend makes amateur water videos

I was wondering if you would like to be in them this November 2006 in Florida

My site is and my friends is

If interested let me know. You would not have to get topless or nude if you choose not to do that

Len Sorge

Hi Len,
I'm flattered really, but your websites say it's adult. I don't do that sort of thing. No offense. Thanks for thinking of me though!

Hi Carole

WEll most of my models do Adult stuff but you wont have to

I just want you in 3 stooges type pie fights and my friend in underwater/wetlook scenes

You don't even have to do topless if you don't want to

Len Sorge

I'm laughing at your reply. Out of curiosity, what does one get paid for a 3 stooges pie fight (fully clothed)? And who are the Stooges? And who gets pied?

Hi Carole

I would pay you $750-$1000 per day of shooting

: You never heard of the 3 stooges? They were a comedy team in the 1930-60's who did a lot of comedy short films for Columbia studios and are associated with pie throwing

BTW have you ever had a pie in the face

LEn Sorge

I do not do IM. I'm working right now. But I know who the stooges are of course. I was asking who PLAYS them.

I was looking at your site. You want to shoot me with pies with porn actresses?

Hi Carole

No your scenes would be solo and with other glamour models No porn stuff I PROMISE you that

I have done Walt Disney to Deep Throat kind of pie scenes

They are based on what the model is comfortable doing

I know you are a mainstream actress and I would NEVER ask you to do anything risque

BTW ever have a pie in the face?

Len SOrge

PS I loved your scene in Sex in the City You smoke great with a holder

Hi Carole

Just tell me how much you want to do a day shooting with my site and mmy friends site

If you choose to decline I understand but I am willing to hear what price you want

Len Sorge

What is my future in pie videos?

In a message dated 6/27/2006 3:42:36 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, Delsan61 writes:
Hi Carole

Just tell me how much you want to do a day shooting with my site and mmy friends site

If you choose to decline I understand but I am willing to hear what price you want

Len Sorge

See Shrimp on the Barbie. I have a pie scene and Emma Samms tried to break my nose.

Hi Carole

Just wanted to know if you are interested in doing them and how much you want a day

You don't have to get topless or nude and most scenes will be solo and a few with other models

And again thanks for taking my emails regardless of you decision you have been nice to me

Lenny Sorge

OK, make me an offer.

Hi Carole

$2000-2500 for the day depending on how many pie scenes. I will give you $500 a scene more if you get topless.

Len Sorge

Hi Carole

probably 4-5 scenes per day

Len Sorge

How much would topless cost? I am afraid to find out LOL LOL

Just wondering; do you do mastectomy pie vids? Because I have this gorgeous friend who just got cancer and she might be interested.
-----Original Message-----From: Delsan61@aol.comTo: CDavis6029@aol.comSent: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 4:36:04 AM Eastern Daylight TimeSubject: Re: Pie and Water Videos in FL in Nov

Hi Carole

Happy holiday!!!

So have you decided if you want to do my pie videos?

Len Sorge


Blogger Pisser said...

Oh, MAN - these are GREAT!

Persistent little bugger, ain't he? He REALLY wants to know if you've ever had a pie in the face before, huh...?

Ask him how much if it was your first time ;)

12:05 PM  
Blogger Scott W said...

I am as disturbed by the correspondance as by the offers. This guy sounds like a total sleezebag. Are you really considering doing it?

6:00 PM  
Blogger kittykat said...

I would have f'd with him a little more. It's clear he wanted you to get down and dirty (and naked) from the start. CREEPY PIE FETISH WHACK JOB with his sick-o pies fantasies.

Looks like I'll be eating cake for awhile.

12:55 PM  

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