Tuesday, December 09, 2003

This morning we had a lousy walk because Dad didn't come. He was late for a table read, so he dropped us off at Mulholland and Mom walked us back on Caverna drive.

Just as we were walking up the driveway, a bee flew into Mom's hair and got stuck. It was buzzing and Mom was shaking her head and her hair was flying around but the bee wouldn't get out. We came into the kitchen and she pulled the bee out of her hair and it fell on the floor but not before it stung her. I watched it walk around the kitchen floor while Mom checked the bee bite on her head. Then I ate it. Alive.

Mom tried to get me to throw up the bee but it was too late. Now the bee will dance around with my breakfast and be catapulted into my favorite poo spot in the Hollywood Hills through my anus. That's what happens if you dare to bite my mom.

Mom's friend Tony Thompson died a few weeks ago and she is doing a benefit for his family. Tony was the drummer for Chic, which was a big Disco band in the 80's. So Mom has started rehearsing for the show at the Hard Rock next week. It's funny watching Mom sing disco music. It sounds pretty stupid with lyrics like: "clams on the halfshell and Roller skates!"


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